Bringing Data Science to Food Production
What We Do

Food production and related industries are the backbone of the world, but many companies have been left out of today’s data revolution – the explosion of data science and big data that now powers (and invades) so many aspects of our lives. We bridge this gap by utilizing fresh data science talent who have moved beyond the established statistical practices and are actively engaged in developing and mastering modern techniques.

Our Solutions

The solutions we have delivered focus on the production, quality, and safety of food production, and utilize approaches based on machine learning, optimization, and Statistical Process Control (SPC). For established methods like SPC, we augment the tried and tested technology with solutions that leverage modern algorithms that are faster, more sensitive and more flexible.

Strengthen Your Game

We realize that information technology is not necessarily an area of strength for Food Producers, and we first look to build solutions that leverage the data you already have, minimizing disruption to your business as usual. However, we can advise on information technology investments for those Food Producers who are interested in strengthening their game.

Industry Experience

We have developed solutions across several areas of the food production supply chain and its related industries, always with an eye towards optimizing production, quality or safety. Our work has ranged from the re-analysis of existing results with modern techniques, teasing out additional learnings in the process, to full supply chain flow analysis.

  • Full supply chain analysis
  • Re-analysis of existing studies
  • Production output and quality variability
  • Microbial diagnostics results
  • Machine learning predictive models
  • Cost/benefit analysis (current or expected)
  • Impact projections for specific operational changes
  • Customized design of experiments
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